Lucky Witches poppet spell kit! Yellow- for Luck spells! Create a lucky doll!


Often I get asked where to start with witch craft!
Here is a all in one kit to create your own spell craft!!

Use this kit to create your own witches poppet- for luck!

Included are -
2X printed doll felt pieces
-Doll stuffing
-A glass tube with a sewing needle inside
-Instruction sheet
-1oz tin of Red clover
-1oz tin of Cinnamon
-1oz tin of Jasmine

Inside I tell you why these herbs were selected, what their powers are, and how to use them to empower your magical item! Also included is what to do with your doll once made- or once you have achieved your goal!

Not included -
-Optional item belonging to item doll is for.

Important note- This is a Metaphysical spiritual item, the power and magic come from you!
-Not intended to be ingested.
-For ages 10+.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ever be restocking your jewelry?

In 2019 I stopped making my jewelry collections as it was drowning me in work. I would have had to raise prices to make it sustainable and that felt unreasonable. It was also draining on me as I polished and oxidized each piece while working many other jobs. I may bring it back in the future if I got some help, but right now in the age of Covid the studio where I cast my silver is closed so I couldn’t even it I wanted to.
Thank you all for the interest however! I am so glad that my collection connected to so many people.

Will you be restocking X?

I like to make items in small batches as I introduce a new design each week! If i kept everything in stock I would have over 300 designs to store in my studio and I just dont have that space!
Items marked with the “Last call” sticker on their icons will NOT be restocked. If there is no sticker then it will most likely be restocked! I try to do restocks every few months!
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